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Cookies policy


Session cookies

Session, or non-persistent cookies, enable us to track your visit throughout our site. These cookies do NOT store any personal information. Session cookies store an identifier via your web browser, we then use this identifier to keep track of your basket, search choices, login status and so on. These cookies are immediately destroyed when your browser closer, and these specific cookies, created by our site, cannot be used by any third party including other websites. There is no threat to your online security or privacy from these cookies.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies enable us to recognise you as a repeat visitor to the site, and record your browsing patterns via anonymous identifiers. By analysing information that includes how you got to the site, and the links that you have clicked on, we can personalise your experience at the site and ensure the site is relevant to your specific needs and tastes.

Third party cookies

In certain instances, we may allow third parties to manage our cookies so that they can analyse customer browsing patterns in the same way that we do. By monitoring the effectiveness of advertisements within our site, they will be able to provide only those advertisements that they believe will be most relevant, and of most interest to you. We do not allow third party cookies for any other reason.

How to enable cookies

The enabling of cookies varies between browsers, here is a list of brief instructions on how cookies can be enabled using the most recent versions of the most popular and common browsers. Older versions of these browsers should have similar instructions, although upgrading is always recommended.

Firefox (from version 7.x) – Cookies are enabled by default with Firefox, but to check they are enabled, follow these instructions.

Windows – Select ‘options’ from the ‘tools’ menu

Linux – Select ‘preferences’ from the ‘edit’ menu

OSX – Select ‘preferences’ from the ‘Firefox’ menu.

Choose the ‘privacy’ tab in all three cases

If you see the message ‘Firefox will remember history’. Cookies are enabled.

If this message is not visible, ensure ‘Use custom settings for history’ is selected and then either check ‘accept cookies from sites’ or click exceptions and copy the main address for this site into the top box, before clicking either ‘allow’ or ‘allow for session.

Internet Explorer (7+)

Go to ‘tools’ menu (or ‘cog’ icon on IE9 and after)

Select ‘internet options‘

Choose ‘privacy’ tab

Click ‘advanced’ and tick ‘override automatic cookie handling’ and ‘always allow session cookies.’

Safari (up to version 5.0)

Go to ‘Safari’ menu

Select ’preferences ‘

Choose ‘security’ tab

Under ‘accept cookies’ ensure that ‘always’ or ‘only from sites you navigate to’ is ticked

Safari (from version 5.1)

Go to ‘Safari’ menu

Select ‘preferences’

Choose ‘privacy’ tab

Under ‘block cookies’ ensure that ‘from third parties and advertisers’ or ‘never’ is ticked


Click on the spanner icon

Select ‘options’ or ‘preferences

Choose the ‘under the bonnet’ or ‘under the hood’ tab

Click ‘content settings’

Click ‘allow local data to be set’ or click ‘exceptions’ then the ‘+’ icon and type in the main address for this site and set the action to ‘allow’

Opera 11.x

Click the ‘Opera’ button and select ‘settings’

Click ‘preferences’

Select ‘advanced’ tab

Select ‘cookies’

Choose ‘accept cookies’ or ‘only accept only cookies from sites I visit’